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Alex Schneider

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Alex Schneider

Alex Schneider is the co-founder and managing partner of Clover Capital Partners, an independent sponsor firm that makes control acquisitions, minority and venture investments primarily in food and beverage-related companies. Prior to starting Clover alongside a former JPMorgan colleague, Alex spent over ten years in private equity with primarily with Chicago-based Keystone Capital.

Alex has the pleasure to serve as adjunct faculty in the entrepreneurship department at the Kellogg School of Management, his alma mater. His teaching responsibilities include a course entitled Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition and he serves as the program manager for the Zell Fellows program, a co-curricular fellowship designed to accelerate the ability of students to pursue an ETA pathway upon graduation.

Alex serves on the board of managers/directors of Main Street Gourmet, Jo’s Candies, Wilde Brands, Phillips Syrup, and Rain Creek Baking. He also serves on the advisory board of NextGen Growth Partners.